Friday, December 3, 2010

Marissa's Musings!

I was invited to show some of my work at a breast cancer awareness and fundraiser in October called "Paint the Night Pink". I came home with stories and explanations about some of the paintings. My daughter, Marissa went along with me to pick up my work following the show. Many of the pieces were already taken down, but her interest was raised as she realized how art can be used to tell a story and not be simply for something pretty to hang on a wall.

In the days following, she found a page from a magazine, again dealing with breast cancer. Just for fun, we placed her hand beneath the photo and snapped a picture. That lead her to her current painting. Notice how the ordinary beautiful colors of ones life take a turn toward the dark side on the side affected by breast cancer! I am so proud of her, November Art Student of the Month, dear daughter, and wonderful painter!!!

New name painting

I had already made a Name Painting using the letters of his name for Joshua when he was born, so for baptism, I made another painting. It simply has the letter "J" in the colors of his room. I added the date of his baptism, Seeds of Faith Church, and some of the words to the song I sang for his special day. "God knows you by name! May you grow up to serve Him all of your days. May He lead you and guide you in all of your ways."