Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Art Show

Recently, I entered some of my work and some artwork done by my students in the Rock Rapids Business Women's Art show.  In this post, you will see some of the pieces I received prizes on, PLUS, many of the pieces entered by my daughter Marissa!  She was well rewarded for her work as well!
                              Marissa Childress-  "Mardi Gras" -Mixed Media-2nd place
Marissa Childress "Hiding My Shame"- Acrylic Painting - 3rd place

 Marissa Childress - "Paint the Night"-Mixed Media - Honorable Mention

Marissa Childress - "The Bridge" -Acrylic Painting - 1st place PLUS Judge's Choice

 Marissa's painting - PEACE

"The Clearing" - Acrylic Painting by myself - 1st place

Knife Painting- "Rough Patch" by myself - 1st place

 "Renewal" - Acrylic and Chalk by myself - 2nd place

                              "Tulip Time"- watercolor by myself, 1st place

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paint the Night Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of breast cancer patients, survivors and their families and friends, the Paint the Night Pink Committee is hosting its fourth annual art and fashion event to raise awareness of breast cancer and promote the connection between art, healing, mind, body and spirit.

This is my 2 piece acrylic painting (diptych) which depicts the horror of cancer, the black words all portraying loss and pain and sorrow. The tree, a symbol of life, reaching out, attempting regrowth bears the positive words in pink of a survivor! Healing, recovery, hope, grace, and renewal. Life after.........

I have been allowed to enter some of my works into a special showing at,"Paint the Night Pink Art Showcase and Fashion Show" . It is a fundraiser for the Avera Cancer Institute to be held on October 21st. It has been quite a process to get ready, to enter, and to be chosen. I do so many different kinds of pieces, finish very few and frame even fewer, as many are just put in a closet. I would like to try to sell some of my pieces, but have not found the avenue to get that done.

To be accepted, I had to submit images of artwork to be considered, and I had to give sizes, dimensions and medium for each piece. Some pieces may be sold and if that is something I wish to do, I need to come up with prices. They asked for complete artist information as well as Artist Statement. A brochure will be made up with all of this information to be given that evening. It is a meal and fashion show and art show. Sounds wonderful to me, AND we are encouraged to go PINK!!!

If you are interested in attending or finding out more about the event, you can look at http://www.averathinkpink.org/and search for Paint the Night Pink Event.

“River of Tears

9”x19” Acrylic by Carol Childress. After losing my mother to cancer, I indeed did cry this “river of tears”. My artwork took on the mask of sorrow, but I find it interesting that even in the darkness, the sorrow and the tears, hope springs eternal in my paintings. See the new spring flowers budding near the top? Life goes on.

Photograph - "Outside the Lines"- No one can be expected to conform to the ways, the thinking, the feelings of anyone else, and I am trying to portray that all kinds of people make up this world and each one is individual in his/her own way!

Purple Pansies were one of my mama's favorites! I think of her daily, but small things nudge me into thinking of her even when I am not. In some of my favorite scripture, it says: "Look at the lilies. They do not worry. They do not toil or spin, yet Solomon in all of his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. Who of you have added even one minute to your lives by worrying?" Mama always said, "Life goes on" and so it does....the pansies continue to grow.

"Hiding My Shame"- Acrylic Painting by Marissa Childress
So happy and honored to include this piece by MY DAUGHTER this year!