Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Art Show

Recently, I entered some of my work and some artwork done by my students in the Rock Rapids Business Women's Art show.  In this post, you will see some of the pieces I received prizes on, PLUS, many of the pieces entered by my daughter Marissa!  She was well rewarded for her work as well!
                              Marissa Childress-  "Mardi Gras" -Mixed Media-2nd place
Marissa Childress "Hiding My Shame"- Acrylic Painting - 3rd place

 Marissa Childress - "Paint the Night"-Mixed Media - Honorable Mention

Marissa Childress - "The Bridge" -Acrylic Painting - 1st place PLUS Judge's Choice

 Marissa's painting - PEACE

"The Clearing" - Acrylic Painting by myself - 1st place

Knife Painting- "Rough Patch" by myself - 1st place

 "Renewal" - Acrylic and Chalk by myself - 2nd place

                              "Tulip Time"- watercolor by myself, 1st place

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